30 July 2008

French Inspiration

Bike in the City Blog
We're still working on getting the site finetuned! Slowly slowly! Thanks for your patience and to everyone who has 'joined'!

We'll get this rolling soon so soon. I've even been on an unofficial Slow Bicycle Ride here in Copenhagen and have a little film to upload soon so soon.

In the meantime, here's some inspiration from a French-language blog Bike in the City. Chock full of cool drawings about the protagonist, Leah, and her cycling life in Paris. The drawing above is brilliant and perfect for The Slow Bicycle Movement. A little cylcoversion of The Thinker by Rodin.

See you all very soon.


Alexandra said...

Article in Sunday's Washington Post

I anticipate some ribbing on Monday at the office. However, I was pleased with how the article turned out - nice disussion on the range of bikes available (and the price accessibility) as well as the general ...hmmmm.... romance of riding

Zakkaliciousness said...

wonderful stuff, alexandra! great article. let them rib. the Chic shall inherit the earth.