9 June 2009

Slow Bicycle Philosophy from 1892

“As a means of pleasure, cycling stands in the foremost rank, but in common with all the great pleasures, it may easily stand in the foremost in abuse. The desire to ride at an unreasonably high speed may become morbid…The ever lasting scorcher, bent like a hoop, and with sunken cheeks, ought to be quite sufficient warning against this abuse.”
Slow Bicycle Philosophy from 1892.
In the book "How to Bicycle" by L.F. Korns.
Via my mate Carlton over at Quickrelease.tv.

Really now, who wants to be called an everlasting scorcher riding at unreasonably high speed, bent over like a hoop [my mother taught me to sit up straight] and with sunken cheeks? Not me.


Jack and Raquel said...

I could not agree more. I'm enjoying taking my time and reading your blog. Here is a link to a cool 'slow' video.


Thanks, Jack

Dave said...

well, it really depends upon the outfit.

Anonymous said...

There are definitely times when speed is fun on a bicycle, but when it becomes a constant need, an incessant drive, it is as unhealthy as any other immoderate fixation. It becomes a psychosis.

Our need for speed in all things and our obsession with the passage of time, as if our lives themselves were seeping like sand through an invisible hourglass, lead to all manner of physical, emotional and social ills.

It's all about context and moderation.