22 August 2009

Slow Reading and Showering

The Slow Bicycle Movement is all about slow. How appropriate then is it that the founder engages in other slow activities. Including reading and showering.

2000 frames a second of pure slowness. The balloon popped so freakishly that I barely got wet. We filmed several popping balloons but this one was bizarre.


Curitiba Cycle Chic said...

Veeeeeryyyyyyy goooooood, IIIIIIIIII looooooooveeeeeeeeeeed !

le homme au velo said...

That is just Brilliant,how did you Film that. Freud would be the sort of thing I would Read if I could not get to Sleep. Did you ever try to Read Das Capital, by Marks and Engels, it is another Great Read to set you Asleep. I tried to Read it in my Local Library when I was a Teenager but I started to fall asleep, I just had to stop before I fell over.