26 September 2011

Slow Bicycle Race

Slow bicycle race! Although the rules are no trackstanding... :-)


Griya Mobil Kita said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing. sewa elf jakarta

Ginger Jane said...

Ha! This is at the Wellington waterfront (NZ), the woman in the frock is Bella. She helps out a lot with Frocks on Bikes too which NZ lady cyclist should totes check out: www.frocksonbikes.org

elovelo said...

I observe your blog on FB from long time. The slow bicycle movement is a great idea, so i started first slow bicycle blog in Poland. So idea slowly reached Poland as well :) I put link to your site on my blog, hope to slowly spread that idea further in Poland, in other cities than Cracow. I write my blog only in polish (so far, maybe in the futhere i will add translations), but pics are international, so, can add my blog to your slow list and look at it from time to time ;)


Fer said...

Recomendado para The Slow Bicycle.

Muy interesante experiencia:



Fer said...

Os lo recomiendo. Es fabuloso!!