24 September 2008

Vote for the Manifesto! The Results Are In.

The results are in for the manifesto of The Slow Bicycle Movement. Thanks to all the suggestions here on the blog and on the Facebook Group.

There were humourous suggestions, poetic suggestions and practical suggestions. It was a close race really.

7% Please ride the bike you have, in the clothes you like, at the speed you enjoy.
5% If you see something interesting, stop to look at it.
5% Take spontaneous detours.
5% Notice something new about your neighbourhood each day.
5% Ring your bell for fun when travelling through tunnels or under bridges.
5% Ride calm, composed and courteous.
4% Refrain from road rage. When faced with road rage from others, please wave and smile.
4% Name your bicycle.
4% Our bicycles give us the freedom of the city and the keys to the country.
4% Please sigh and smile contentedly at least once a day on your bicycle.
4% Chat to somebody. Anybody. Whether you know them or not.
4% Recommended accessories for the Slow Bicyclist include, but are not limited to, a bell, a back rack, lights, fenders, chainguard and a skirtguard.
4% Hills and/or gradients may be walked.
4% Please enjoy any views you come across at a snail's pace or while stopped.
4% The recommended posture for slow bicycling is upright, straight-backed. Just like your mother taught you.
4% The average speed of cyclists in Copenhagen is 15 km/h. This is the maximum speed for the Movement. Unless going downhill and shouting Wheeeeeee!
3% Any driver you make eye-contact with should receive a conspiratorial wink and a knowing smile.
3% If you break a sweat, you're pedaling too hard... coast!
3% At least once a week riders should be so deep in thought and distracted by meandering that they forget where they are going.
3% Wave at passing trains or boats.
3% Blackberries found growing in the hedgerows must be picked and eaten before the ride can carry on.
3% Membership is contagious. Spread the slow word in low, sultry tones.
3% Yawn at traffic lights.
3% Ensure that some part of the bicycle creaks gently when in motion.
2% Try removing one hand from the handlebars, if you crash, you were going too fast.
2% The freewheel should tick at a rate that suggests it may be possible to count the number of clicks - though one should not be inclined to do so.
1% If you feel yourself going too fast, pedal with one foot for a while.

Vote for our Slogan! - The Results Are In.

543 members voted on our slogan and here's the results:

26.52% Style over speed.
18.23% We're getting there. Eventually.
16.21% Life lasts longer if you take your time.
13.44% Choose the journey, not the destination.
12.71% Relax, enjoy yourself. You're on a bicycle, for heaven's sake.
6.81% Patience is a shortcut.
6.08% Transportation not Recreation.

Thanks to everyone who voted. Style Over Speed is, indeed, a cool slogan. I've been using it for a couple of years over at Copenhagen Cycle Chic. In order to give it more of a sloganish feel on this blog I added 'It's' on the graphics at the top of the page. "It's Style Over Speed."

Personally I fancy "We're Getting There - Eventually". It has more of a slogan ring to it.

The Slow Bicycle Movement - We're Getting There... Eventually.

Another proposal popped up after the polls closed.

The Slow Bicycle Movement - Enjoying the Ride.

With all that said, we're not locked into any one slogan. It's not like we need to settle on one because we're about to embark on a multi-million €uro global advertising campaign... :-)