30 August 2009

The Slow Balloon Movement in Green Major

Another installment wherein I test the limits of slow.

25 August 2009

Slow Bicycle Race at Tate Modern

Found this today. Nice and slow.

22 August 2009

Slow Reading and Showering

The Slow Bicycle Movement is all about slow. How appropriate then is it that the founder engages in other slow activities. Including reading and showering.

2000 frames a second of pure slowness. The balloon popped so freakishly that I barely got wet. We filmed several popping balloons but this one was bizarre.

1 August 2009

Polebrook Slow Bicycle Race

A friend in the UK sent me this link to a Slow Bicycle race in Polebrook.

Brilliant stuff. Slow Bicycle races used to be a standard event in country fairs all over the world.