27 October 2009

Slow Bicycle Inspiration

Slow Bicycles are nothing new. Period. It's interesting when you view this video from Copenhagen in 1937, above, and the one from Holland in the 1950's, below, that there is no bobbing movement when they're riding. No exertion. Just easy transport.

Consider the fact that the bicycles were massive and heavy back then, too.

The Slow Bicycle Movement. We never went away and now we're back.

13 October 2009

Slow Bicycle Movement on Flickr


I've started a group on Flickr for The Slow Bicycle Movement.
Get joined, get uploading.

Let's create a truly slow repository of images of people enjoying the ride.


11 October 2009

Slow Bicycle Rush Hour in La Rochelle, France

You don't get much more gloriously slow bicycle than this.
Bicycle rush hour in La Rochelle, France. The drawbridge was up and roughly 500 cyclists waited patiently for the bridge to go down.

5 October 2009

Bicycle Bridges Slowly

I went for a slow ride over the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn and back over the Brooklyn Bridge. I wasn't alone in the Slowness.